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Leeds's Film Player brings some classic continental films

LEEDS FILM PLAYER’s new list include these stunning films from Sweden and Iceland.

Amanda Kernell is the Swedish and Sami director and screenwriter of: Charter, a psychologically complex study of motherhood centred on a battle over the custody of Alice, the main character’s children.

Also streaming is her first film Sami Blood, which won the European Parliament’s Lux Prize for Best European Film. Set in 1930s Sweden, it tells of Elle, a teenage reindeer herder, who faced with the racial prejudice of the time, is forcibly removed from her family and sent to a state boarding school.

A White, White Day comes from the Icelandic director Hlynur Pálmason. Ingvar Sigurdsson is a police chief who is mourning the death of his wife. His obsession with the idea that she was having an affair with a local man throws his community into disarray.

You can stream these via: player.leedsfilm.com, linked below...