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An app to help new arrivals from abroad
to settle in Münster

People arriving in Münster from abroad have lots of questions: how can I find work? How can I find somewhere to live? Where can I learn German? Similarly, people working in immigration or volunteers supporting immigrants often need specific information, for example, on sports activities or language courses.

To help with this, the schools and further education department has produced an interactive map of Münster showing what is on offer. It aims to be a central source of comprehensive information on education and immigration issues which is easily accessible at all times on a phone or computer.

https://t.co/EU2msH7kMf Local sports organisations, the social security department, voluntary organisations and other interested individuals all contributed to its creation. At the moment, the app is regularly updated with information on education and immigration sent in by the various organisations.

In the future, it will include more opportunities for sport, keep-fit, cultural events and entertainment. GERMAN ARTICLE https://t.co/65D5owufbs