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WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YORK art exhibition

Thank you for your interest in the exhibition. Here we go, below!

22nd or 29th August or both, entries submitted by 24th July


To enter:
Send a CLEAR photograph of your work to York for Europe at york.european@virginmedia.com (link at the bottom of this page)

With the following details:

Your name, postal address, email address, phone number (your organisation if relevant)

- There are two age categories. Please specify whether you are entering the “18 Years and Under” or “Over 18” category. If you are “18 Years and Under”, please give your date of birth

- Title of the work (for the exhibition catalogue)

- A brief description of the work e.g. where it is and why it is a part of York you especially like (for the catalogue)

- Type of exhibit e.g. drawing, sketch, painting, collage (paper/textile), photograph, knitting, embroidery, weaving, sculpture, pottery etc.

- The dimensions of your exhibit

- If you wish to have your work under a pseudonym in the catalogue, please make this clear, and give the pseudonym. We still require your usual name for administrative purposes, which will not be published.

- Brief details as to how you plan to hang or display your work

- Which dates either 22nd or 29th August, or ideally both (!), when you can exhibit your work

Please note: Only your name/pseudonym along with the work’s title, your description and age category will appear in the catalogue. All other personal details will remain confidential. This is NOT a selling exhibition.

The deadline for on-line submissions: Saturday, July 24th 2021.

Prizes: There is a cash prize of £50 for each age category: “18 Years and Under” and “Over 18”.

Selection of exhibits: We hope to exhibit all works which meet the exhibition criteria. We may make a selection if space becomes limited.


Size: A3 and above. This is an important minimum size for viewing from a distance to avoid crowding during Covid recovery.

Style: Any style – but as the exhibition will be viewed in all likelihood from a distance, the bolder the presentation the better.

Medium: Any medium e.g. drawings, sketches, paintings, photographs, collage, textiles, sculpture etc. Small 3-D works will be displayed on tables.

Hanging: In your design, think about how you are going to hang your exhibit on the riverside railings. More information on hanging below.

Hanging your work on the railings:

These are the railings.


It is suggested that you go and look at the railings yourself so that you have a clearer idea as to how you will fix your work to them.

For other exhibitions using the railings, people have used various methods. These suggestions may help you; you may find a combination of two or three useful.

- Fix your work to a backboard and attach the backboard to the railings.

- Stretch string along the railings and hang your work from the string (with bulldog clips, ordinary pegs, small plastic pegs etc.) You may want to have parallel string in order to fix the lower edge of your work; this will help prevent it blowing upwards if there is any wind.

- As shown in the photo, the vertical railings have a horizontal rail which cuts across them. The horizontal rail can be used for hooks, string etc.

Delivery, hanging and collection of exhibits:
Exhibitors are asked to bring their works to the exhibition area each day and hang them in time for the opening of the exhibition at 10.00am. York for Europe will be at the exhibition area from 9am on each day of the exhibition to allow for hanging of the exhibits.

Each exhibitor will have a numbered site along the railings.

Tables will be provided for 3-D works.

Exhibitors are asked to remove their work at the end of each exhibition day between 5-5.30pm.

Please note your name and contact details (phone and/or email) on the reverse of your work.

The weather – wind and rain……:

As noted above in the Hanging section, try to ensure that your work is anchored firmly against any wind.

Rain – consider laminating your work to protect against rain. Of course, this will not be possible for all exhibits. - In the past, some exhibitors have brought ½ parasols to put up against the railings (named with phone number / email address) - Clear plastic sheeting, such as used by decorators, can be thrown temporarily over exhibits. The organisers will have some sheeting but if you have your own, please bring it (named with phone number/email address).

We hope to go ahead whatever the weather, but in very poor weather we reserve the right to cancel or postpone an exhibition day.

Security / Insurance:
Members of York for Europe will be present during exhibition hours to ensure all is well. York for Europe has its own Public Liability Insurance.

There is no insurance in the unlikely case of damage to or loss of an exhibit. If your work is of particular value to you, it is suggested you take out your own insurance cover.

We reserve the right to publish photographs of any exhibits in this exhibition with full acknowledgements.

QUERIES: Please email: york.european@virginmedia.com