Reunion Chorus Songbook

44. Blame all our troubles ( to the tune of “Pack up your troubles”)

Blame all our troubles on the old EU and smile boys, smile

No-one remembers all the tosh we spoke. Lie boys that's the style

Oh what's the use of honesty. The biggest lies work best.

Conning the people with the most to lose while we invest

Blame all our troubles on the old EU. It must be right.

Tell all the red wall seats it's Brussels fault that their lives weren’t bright

Now we're free to run the show we'll just do what we like

And tell the leK behind that all they need's a faster bike

Putin and Trump were pleased the EU split, so full of glee

But that's a price we'd pay to be alone, token sovereignty.

Don't tell the people that what counts is influence not strut

Or that the world will find it easier to kick our butt.

As we move forward to a brave new world, don’t feel blue

That it’s a shadow of the lives we had while in the EU

There’s nothing like being all alone to make our future glum

One day we’ll Rejoin once we recognise to Leave was dumb


© Words by Martin Brooks 10 Aug 2020. (Amended 30 Jul 22)