York European

inside the Paris libraryThe Paris Library   Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

We are lucky in York
to have a variety of opportunities to learn other languages as well as English

Here are just a couple of ways to learn languages in the area. If you are part of or run a similar group or study programme, do let us know, so we might share your links.

There is the York Alliance Française

and the York German Language Meet-up Group

.... which is part of Meetup where you can also improve your other European languages

.... and there are lots more opportunities at The York University Languages for All project

.... and don't forget York City Council runs a number of courses – look out for new start dates in the autumn.

And a final tip:

It can be really effective to use an app on your phone, such as Duolingo or Busuu.

They are free for the basic content, or a monthly fee for additional content. They send you daily reminders, and the quick practice, day after day, soon adds up to making progress in the language.