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History and Heritage

Aegean Archaeology
Alcuin of York and Charlemagne
Athelstan “First King of England” and the Conquest of the Kingdom of Jorvik (waiting list)
Cartimandua, Last Queen of the Brigantes, and the Roman Occupation of the North (waiting list)
Cicero: Orator, Lawyer, Philosopher: In His Own Words
England and France: A History of Alliance and Enmity
Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich: The Roots of Fascism
Inside Hugo’s “Notre Dame”
The Borgia Popes
The Medicis: The History of a Banking Dynasty
The Mystery of Pope Joan
The Origin of the English Nation
The Pope’s Children: Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia
What was the Holy Roman Empire?
William the Conqueror, the Conquest of York, and the Harrying of the North (waiting list)


An Introduction to Dutch Art
An Introduction to Flemish and Belgian Art
Cordoba, Seville and Granada: A Short History of Islamic Art and Architecture in Spain (additional dates)
Russian Landscape in the Long Nineteenth Century


Scandinavian Poetry


A Great Czech Nationalist: Dvorák in His Orchestral and Choral Music
An Insider’s View: Dvorák Seen Through his Chamber Music