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Münster, twinned with York


Münster, Germany

A beautiful city twinned with York


Münster and York Amnesty International groups have a sky meeting - screen shot
Münster and York Amnesty International groups share a meeting via Zoom

Amnesty International supporters from Münster met with the York Amnesty Group members for the first time for a live joint meeting on Tuesday 9th March. Each group described how they work and how they raised funds and supported projects. There were some differences but Human Rights violations are a joint concern.

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one nail - one death

Monument To The German Victims Of COVID-19 In Münster. Image from designyoutrust web site featured below

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Art installation: "HostileTerrain 94" opens soon in Münster

An exhibition project on the USA’s border policy can be seen from the inner courtyard of the Bible Museum, beginning on January 18th 2021, MMU Münster reports.

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Bell to be returned to Poland

BBC report that a bell looted by Nazis in WW2 has been located in Münster and returned to Poland