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picture of Munster residential housing

The same city problem

.... lack of affordable housing

People in Münster on low incomes face the same problems as their counterparts in York – finding somewhere to live that they can afford.

Overall in Germany, rents for basic flats have risen more than 2 1/2 times faster than the cost of living, and it is no different in Münster. Those on social security continue to have their rent paid by the state, but the low paid are in competition with them for flats at a reasonable rent.

There is a feeling that some landlords actually prefer tenants who are in receipt of social security as this guarantees a steady rent. Beyond that, some landlords are criticised for demanding far too high rents for new builds and set rents generally at the social “pain threshold”.

Affordable new accommodation is a rarity. This affects a large section of Germany society, as it is estimated that across Germany almost a quarter of the employed are on low incomes, including single parents and pensioners who have to take on part-time jobs to top up their pension. In response, Münster has joined a new scheme, the Fair Rent(er) Seal (Meinfairmieter), in lettings to encourage a balance in the rental market between affordable housing and the need for landlords to make a living from their investment.

The city authorities also acknowledge that they need to do better in the provision of social housing and in speeding up planning permission for new flats. At the end of 2019, Münster needed 2,400 additional flats to meet its housing needs.

The above was taken from local newspapers. If you have further information on this subject please tell us.