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The UK is gone from the EU but not forgotten.

From its London office, the European Parliament proposes to maintain and develop links with the millions of EU27 nationals in the UK. Beyond that, their aim is to engage with UK citizens on a national and regional level to help us keep up-to-date with events in the EU.

They particularly want to reach out to the younger generation of UK citizens, 71% of whom voted to remain in the EU. And it works both ways – if all goes to plan, MEPs should be able to continue to invite UK residents, including school children, to the European Parliament with visits funded by the EU.
There will be various opportunities for young people in the UK to exchange ideas with their EU counterparts in the European Parliament in Strasbourg:

- the European Youth Event which brings together thousands of young Europeans every two years in Strasbourg and online.
- Euroscola, described as “an immersive experience” in the chamber of the European Parliament where secondary school pupils can experience European integration first hand.
- UK pupils can join in the European Parliament Ambassador Schools Programme where they take part in mock plenary debates in the parliament chamber.

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