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York Festival of Ideas 2021

Some events with Europe in mind.....

June 8th - Russian landscape painting
June 9th - Celebrating the work of Elena Ferrante
June 10th - French words that turned English
June 11th - Rome is burning - the Great Fire of AD64
June 11th - Firebird of Russian Art - artist Natalia Goncharova 1881-1962
June 11th - The SS Officer’s Armchair - in search of a hidden life
June 12th - Life and death in the shadow of Vesuvius
June 14th - Britain Alone - the path from Suez to Brexit
June 17th - Mozart’s Requiem in lockdown - York university choir with soloists
June 18th - Eboracum Baroque play Vivaldi
June 19th - This Sovereign Isle - Britain in and out of Europe