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We maintain that the UK, having left the EU, will have its best interests served by retaining a close as possible relationship with the EU, its peoples and its cultures.
This site will serve as a bulletin board, a village pump, and information and interest exchange.

The aim of this site it to keep alive our already close ties with the countries of Europe which, we maintain, were more easily facilitated when the UK was a member of the EU.
We will also share any difficulties that arise from terminating membership and solutions to problems where they exist. Also, we will share advantages of leaving the union should they arise...

fireworks at dijon

Fireworks in twin city Dijon

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This 14th July, there could be no dancing in the streets into the night on Bastille Day for the citizens of Dijon (thank you Covid….), but there was a spectacular musical firework display on the waters and banks of Lake Kir with the theme of “Good food and fine wine”.

It followed a grand military parade on 13th July with members of the army, navy and air-force as well as the French Red Cross, the fire brigade and representatives from other public service and security organisations along with a fly-by of a gendermarie helicopter and a Mirage jet-fighter from a local air-force base.

flood damage in mÜnster

Twin city Münster responds to catastrophic floods and Covid

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Storm Bernd reached Münster on 14th July. The city’s 10 fire-engines with their largely volunteer crews were soon called to 70 flooded cellars and flats. Luckily, there was no loss of life or permanent damage to property.
   Many other parts of the region, where the storm struck harder, were less fortunate. In nearby Hagen, for example, 76 residents of an old people’s home had to be evacuated. In Altena, a fireman was drowned. Many fire and rescue units were sent from Münster to other towns in the region to help with the flooding and the clean-up operation. Although the waters have now receded, mud, rubbish and bulky household items washed out of homes remain to be cleared.

Corona infections are rising in Münster. Since the start of the pandemic there have been 8096 cases. The number of Münster residents who have died remains at 121. The greatest number of cases now are among young people under 30 who have been out and about socialising. From 21st July, stricter preventative measures apply. Masks must be worn at outside markets, in queues and at take-aways. In clubs and discos, up to 250 people who have tested negative can party outside. Other celebrations such as weddings continue to have limited numbers. However, the open-air summer cinema starts at the end of July and anyone can come along without a Covid test.

Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central:

   The negotiation framework in the EU/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement gives us an opportunity to build a strong and creative relationship with the EU and we should work together to now shape that future.
   Having a source of information in York is so important for us to look at this from a local perspective.”

Cllr Keith Aspden, Leader of the City of York Council, comments:

    We may no longer be members of the European Union, but York and the UK will always be part of Europe. Our futures, like our histories, remain inevitably intertwined.
    We must make sure we work together with our European partners to support our businesses and residents through what continues to be a very challenging time for us all.”

The EU Rights and Brexit Hub is the first of its kind: a nation-wide, legal action research hub. It is an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, multi-method three-year project investigating how Brexit affects the social rights of EU/EEA nationals in the UK. It is funded by an ESRC large Governance After Brexit Grant.