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A Zoom talk by Professor A. C. GRAYLING was organised by York for Europe took place on Thursday 14th October, Entitled The U.K. & the EU: How We Will Rejoin

  A C Grayling

We maintain that the UK, having left the EU, will have its best interests served by retaining a close as possible relationship with the EU, its peoples and its cultures.
This site will serve as a bulletin board, a village pump, and information and interest exchange.

The aim of this site it to keep alive our already close ties with the countries of Europe which, we maintain, were more easily facilitated when the UK was a member of the EU.
We will also share any difficulties that arise from terminating membership and solutions to problems where they exist. Also, we will share advantages of leaving the union should they arise...

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See and share what our friends at North East Surrey for Europe are doing.
— They are a gifted dynamic team covering four constituencies

Their colourful mission statement (left) expresses our shared sentiments


The North East Surrey team also have invited a number of distinguished speakers to address topical issues. York for Europe supporters and friends are welcome to join these via the links below.

We will discuss exchanging ideas and resources more at the York For Europe general meeting on Zoom at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 7th December. You will be most welcome to join us - just tell us and we will send you a link - fill in your e mail at the bottom of the page.

the display opposite York Minster

Amnesty York’s installation of the sea with a flotilla of origami boats (folded by Amnesty York, York for Europe and RAY) was displayed in the Minster’s South Piazza by the Roman column on Saturday October 23rd. This was in recognition of the thousands of people who try to cross the Mediterranean each year.

The display was the focus of many passers-by throughout the day. It was also an opportunity to make new Amnesty friends and meet up with established York group members. The Revd Canon Michael Smith joined us to express his support and undertook to remember those who perish in this way at evensong at the Minster.

Of those fleeing their homelands, some seek asylum, some flee poverty. This year, more than 700 (and counting) have drowned.

The stream of people will not stop until the world works together to solve the problems which send them on their journey. In the meantime, Amnesty International is pressing for:

— the creation of safe and legal routes to Europe for asylum-seekers (to put an end to people smuggling) along with a fair asylum assessment procedure.

- the end of the practice by FRONTEX, the EU border force, in cooperation with the Libyan coastguard of forcing people back to holding camps in Libya where they are forgotten, ill-treated and die.

- the end of prosecutions of people and organisations such as Médecins sans Frontières and Save The Children International for saving lives at sea (as is current, for example, in Italy).

* NB There are about 26 million refugees worldwide. In 2020, the UK had 35,770 asylum applications.

Will you join in with York Amnesty Group's wide range of activities and campaigns? Read more....

sankta lucia festival of light Photo by YASS member, Barry Male

Sankta Lucia Festival of Light Service at York Minster
The stunning Sankta Lucia Festival of Light service will once again be taking place at York Minster, on Friday 3rd December 2021 at 7.30 pm. This traditional Scandinavian service features a procession led by a female chorister wearing a crown of lit candles.

This year the choir will be the London Nordic Choir, and the event has once again been organised by the York-Anglo-Scandinavian Society. For full details and tickets (available from 26th October), please see the York Minster Website:  
Report by Chris Kyriacou, YASS member

visitors at exhibition

What I Love About York EXHIBITION
— York Council to mount this exhibition again — watch this space

See choices and comments from Alnoor Mitha, from Manchester School of Art.....


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Please donate to the York for Europe campaign. We are totally self funded and need your support more than ever. Covid has reduced our opportunities to meet people on the street. Please donate here.

Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central:

   The negotiation framework in the EU/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement gives us an opportunity to build a strong and creative relationship with the EU and we should work together to now shape that future.
   Having a source of information in York is so important for us to look at this from a local perspective.”

Cllr Keith Aspden, Leader of the City of York Council, comments:

    We may no longer be members of the European Union, but York and the UK will always be part of Europe. Our futures, like our histories, remain inevitably intertwined.
    We must make sure we work together with our European partners to support our businesses and residents through what continues to be a very challenging time for us all.”

An individual has a right to seek asylum anywhere in the world. In practice it is easier in some places than others....

The EU Rights and Brexit Hub is the first of its kind: a nation-wide, legal action research hub. It is an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, multi-method three-year project investigating how Brexit affects the social rights of EU/EEA nationals in the UK. It is funded by an ESRC large Governance After Brexit Grant.