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We maintain that the UK, having left the EU, will have its best interests served by retaining a close as possible relationship with the EU, its peoples and its cultures. This site will serve as a bulletin board, a village pump, and information and interest exchange. The aim of this site it to keep alive our already close ties with the countries of Europe which, we maintain, were more easily facilitated when the UK was a member of the EU. We will also share any difficulties that arise from terminating membership and solutions to problems where they exist. Also, we will share advantages of leaving the union should they arise...

Our fight continues....
We are standing up for European rights, standards and values in the UK”

The next general meeting for York for Europe supporters will be on Tuesday 9th August at 19.30, and will be held by Zoom.

Here is the entry link. Just follow this and you will be let in. follow this link

Rejoin march poster

National Rejoin March Saturday 10th September, London

We have hired a coach from York


To find out more and book a coach ticket to the march, follow this link

We had a Zoom meeting with Professor Charlotte O'Brien of York University's Law School on Tuesday 14th June at 7.30 p.m. prompt.

Professor Charlotte O'Brien of York University's Law School

Title: The Brexit Hits the Fan

If you want to know more about the pitfalls and quagmires European nationals have to endure in the UK now, this is the definitive lecture. Brilliantly focussed and delivered this is both informative and startling....

Follow this link to see the full meeting on YouTube... https://www.yorkeuropean.uk/york4eu.html#charlotteob

We met our MP, Rachael Maskell, York Central on 12th May.

Rachael Maskell MP

In a passionate and hard-hitting talk, Rachael Maskell outlines the need for a new European order engendered by the war in Ukraine. The UK must urgently become part of a new European alliance in which we collaborate with our European friends to withstand the dangers posed to peace and democracy in Europe - this does not mean an immediate return to the EU, which itself is re-evaluating its form and purpose (Macron has been speaking of a “looser European alliance".). Inside the UK, we must oppose the increasing fascism of current Tory legislation. In particular, we must advertise the reality of the coming “Brexit Freedoms Bill” which will, despite its title, curtail our freedoms. Rachael advocates political parties working together in elections to defeat Conservative candidates and outlines the damage of Brexit on York from health and social care to small businesses to university research and cultural losses.

Follow this link to see the full meeting on YouTube... https://www.yorkeuropean.uk/york4eu.html#rmaskell

We met our Councillors on Zoom, 26th April

Representatives from all party groups of the York City Council were invited to take part. The Libdems, Labour and Greens took part.
Follow this link to see a recording of the discussion on YouTube.


demo in st helens square painting by Don Lodge

St Helen's Square 2022, Saturday 5th February. This is a composition oil painting from photos in our photo record by Don Lodge. It is on canvas measuring 24" x 20".
  This painting has now been sold - proceeds towards Ukrainian refugees coming to York. It may now be viewed at the Pyramid Gallery, Stonegate, York. Donations may be given there.

A show of Solidarity took place on Saturday 5th March 2022 at 2:30pm in St Helen's Square, York. It was led by Rachael Maskell MP for York Central. There were many moving testimonies and appeals in support the people of Ukraine. The need for our government to accept more refugees more easily was repeatedly stressed.

see our extensive photo record

Ukraine EU and UK flags


The UK Economy post-Brexit: Review, Prospects and Assessment

Saturday 10 December 2022, 10.00am to 1:00pm

Speaker(s): Roy Love MA MSc PhD

The course will begin with a short summary of the principal legislative changes of exiting the European Union before continuing with a review of the economic impact since then. Clearly, the effect on the economy of other major events, principally Covid and the Ukraine conflict, will also be taken into account. Longer-term issues such as the nature of international trade agreements, changes to official agricultural support, domestic regional development, and the Northern Ireland situation will then be considered at greater length.

Tutor: Roy Love MA MSc PhD

Term: Autumn

Day: Saturday

Start Date: 10 December 2022

Time: 10am-1pm

No. of weeks: 1

Full fee: £26

Read more and book


York University has twinned with Karazin Kharkiv National University, one of Ukraine’s most prestigious institutions, whose buildings are in ruins from shelling. Prof Saul Tendler, deputy vice-chancellor at York, says one of the Ukrainian university’s many worries is protecting its libraries and archive collections. “They tell us they are in damp basements now and that’s not great,” he says. “If they can get them out of the country, we will hold them in our repositories.

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In 2022, the University of Burgundy (in York’s twin city of Dijon), the University of York, and York St John University, are taking part in a research exchange programme. read more...

university of Burgundy
phone box in Dijon

We have discovered that there is an English telephone box in Dijon! It stands near the jardin Darcy and was a gift from the City York to its twin-city of Dijon many years ago

Chris Kyriacou Chair, York-Dijon Twinning Group

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