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Celebrating the European city of York

5th July ~ York for Europe welcomes both York Labour MPs to the new government and looks forward to working with you towards closer bonds with Europe in the future....

panorama of Pride, York, 2024

York for Europe's Mission 

We maintain that the UK, having left the EU, will have its best interests served by retaining a close as possible relationship with the EU, its peoples and its cultures. This site will serve as a bulletin board, a village pump, and information and interest exchange. The aim of this site it to keep alive our already close ties with the countries of Europe which, we maintain, were more easily facilitated when the UK was a member of the EU. We will also share any difficulties that arise from terminating membership and solutions to problems where they exist. Also, we will share advantages of leaving the union should they arise...

Our fight continues....
We are standing up for European rights, standards and values in the UK”
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Monthly meeting of York for Europe

Our next meeting will be on Monday August 12th on Zoom at 7.30pm
Here is the code, no password needed, just wait to be admitted. If you want an informal chat, tune in early.

Anglo-French Memorial Service at Elvington Air Museum


A memorial service was held at the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington near York to mark the 80th year anniversary of the deployment of two French Heavy Bomber Squadrons at RAF Elvington in 1944.


flag at elvington

Photoshoot follow-up ~ visit to Dijon

Our friends from the Dijon art organisation Ombradipeter, photographer Monique Serna and art director Vincenzo Cirillo, invited four of us to Dijon to take part in the opening of Exposition « York vue par les cœurs » .  see 

For some informal snaps of Dijon taken during our recent visit to Dijon,  see 

York for Europe now need to discuss how and where we mount the photos from their photoshoot, and even if we arrange a return match and go to Dijon for a similar creative photo spree.

More information and informal highlights

one of the exhibits
Free movement of EU citizens and their family members: An overview

Directive 2004/38/EC (also known as the Citizens' Rights Directive or alternatively the Free Movement Directive) establishes the conditions under which European Union (EU) citizens and their family members.

Survival Notes - page under construction - assistance with links for travellers to the EU and EU citizens in the UK

Survival notes

..a YouTube Video from LSE to watch

View it here, now, originally broadcast 16th October at 18:30

In this event to mark the launch of his new book Shattered Nation, geographer Danny Dorling explains why we are growing further and further apart, exposing a new geography of inequality. Particularly relevant perhaps to the north of England.

Welcome to york sign showing recent Twin additions. Follow this link for some photographs of all the Welcome to the City of York signs
York for Europe and the York Twinning Committees of Dijon and Münster have been working with Cllr Christian Vassie and staff of York Council to see the Twin Cities acknowledged on our welcome signs. The entire project has been financed by donations from York for Europe and the Twinning Committees. Full marks to the Council and CPMedia for a prompt and impressive job well done.

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