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Life in Nagoya, Japan ~ this is being updated

picture of the city of nagoya japan

Life in Nagoya, Japan

a card from a Japanese student, M, who is studying for a PhD at York University, but managed to get home eventually...

In Japan, the Covid vaccinations will start in March for medical staff. The situation is worse than autumn, but my parents and I are well.

Last month, the Japanese government declared the state of emergency in 10 prefectures including Tokyo and Aichi. Today, the government extended the date to 7th March.

Comparing this second state of emergency with the first one in April, although there is a restriction on business hours of restaurants, it’s not so strict. Business is almost as usual, and all schools are open. Many people are sceptical of this second one. Recently, both government, UK and Japan tightened the travel restrictions, and they ask you to submit negative certificate (expensive!).

Also, UK started to ask all international travellers to quarantine for 10 days.

In Japan, cafes and libraries are open. I used to study there, but I feel scary to stay in these places, where there are many people, who stay for a long time.

We checked with a friend who is an importer from the far east and and exporter to Europe; he supplies some shops in the region with luxury goods. He says:

Yes, I know about the Japanese Covid restrictions. The factory is based in Tokyo so it is delaying many things – including decisions!! But we are managing though.

My BIG headache is shipping into Europe – nightmare!!