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Greetings from Tenerife!

homes for let short term in Tenerife

I am Peter R, an active pro-rejoin campaigner and UK national living long term in Tenerife.

photo by Peter R

A Brexit downside for you:

Here in Tenerife, British people own apartments that they do not live in but used to use them for long term lets to British people "Swallows" that would come out for the winter.

The "Swallows don't come any more because 90 days is not enough for them. The Bowls Club is struggling for members and the local barber works a 3 day week. Now these apartments stood empty until the owners, desperate for money, started advertising them as weekly holiday lets, e.g AirBnB, for not a lot of money.

So we now get undesirables getting a cheap holiday rental, (no matter how many they pack into a small apartment because nobody is here to regulate them), cheap Ryanair flights and supermarket food.

The hotels are fed up, the locals are fed up with the sheer numbers and owners who might have rented to Spanish are now joining the AirBnB brigade to get more money. We owners of course are fed up with the constant turnover of frankly riffraff.

The British who don't like this are selling up rapidly, the Europeans are buying: Norwegians, Icelanders, Germans, Italians and of course Russians.

A lot of this is not necessarily bad for us because our Apartment's Community is setting about making life miserable for the AIrBnBs. Some of the British are going to find themselves unable to rent soon, because of what is going on below the surface that suits the Authorities as well, so that some Europeans are going to get a bargain.

Brexit has changed the whole dynamic here. They didn't write that on the side of a bus!

In the photograph: The Vv sign is what the owners now aspire to for short term lets. The Communities are fighting back, declaring themselves residential, that they never needed to bother with before!