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York's Twinning Events with Dijon

main street at the centre of Dijon

York-Dijon Visit 2023

A group of York Citizens, including the Lord Mayor of York, are visiting Dijon in September to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the York-Dijon Twinning, which began in 1953. Whilst there, they will take part in various events, including Dijon’s annual ceremony on 11th September to mark its liberation from German occupation in 1944.

The York-Dijon Twinning Group comprises a voluntary and informal group of people who live and/or work in or near York, who wish to encourage, support and foster York’s twinning events with Dijon. If you would like to join the group, or just wish to be kept informed of York-Dijon twinning events, please contact, Emeritus Professor Chris Kyriacou (below).

As this is an informal group, there is no membership fee involved in joining the group, and the group does not involve itself in financial matters.